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Commercial & residential roofers in Bradenton, Florida

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“We couldn’t be happier with their work, time management, and honesty.”

Very attentive to getting the work done on our home after the hurricane.

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Roofing company in Bradenton and Sarasota FL
Roofers Bradenton and Sarasota Florida

Your insurance company has their roof guy. With us, you have yours.

When your insurance company sends their adjuster to inspect your roof, he’s not there for you—he’s there for them. Your insurance company makes money when they charge a lot and pay a little. So, they don’t want the adjuster to note all of your roof damage to ensure you get the roof you need. They want him to ensure they send you the smallest check possible.

So, we’ve spent 17 years honing a roof inspection process that lets us identify all of your property damage—and make sure your adjuster sees it. That way, you get the first-class roof you deserve instead of the cut-rate option your insurance company has in mind. #letsdothis

Roofing company in Bradenton and Sarasota FL
Roof repair and replacement Bradenton and Sarasota FL
Roof repair and replacement Bradenton and Sarasota FL
Roofing experts in Sarasota and Bradenton FL

We’ll equip you to pick the right roof for you.

Your roof adorns the outside of your home the way a canvas adorns the inside. So, it should reflect your style, personality, and preferences.

Of course, roofing isn’t just about aesthetics. When those Florida storms hit, you need your roof to protect you, your loved ones, and your home.

So, if you need roof repair, roof replacement, or a roof on your new construction, don’t stress. We’ve got you.

Sarasota and Bradenton roofers with 3D roof modeling software
Bradenton and Sarasota roofing company with 3D roof modeling software

See your new roof—before it’s built.

Have you ever tried to visualize how your 3,000 sq ft roof will look based on a 3 sq ft sample shingle? Yeah, it’s not happening.

And it’s also unnecessary. With us, you’ll see a 3D digital model of your roof with any material in any color—before you make your decision.

And yes, it’s every bit as great as it sounds.

Sarasota and Bradenton roofers with 3D roof modeling software
Storm and hurricane restoration in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida
Storm and hurricane restoration in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida
Storm restoration roofing company in Sarasota and Bradenton Florida

In the wake of storms, we clean up & restore.

When hurricanes and storms hit Bradenton and Sarasota, we identify all of your property damage—including what insurance adjusters commonly miss. And once we do, we provide the following services to help you get your life back:

Hurricane damage roofers in Bradenton and Sarasota FL

Roof repairs & restoration

Hurricane damage cleanup and restoration in Bradenton and Sarasota Florida

Storm damage cleanup

Roofers in Bradenton Florida

Founded by Texans who can’t get enough of those Florida beaches.

Business partners Kyle Needham and Josh Hays are as East Texan as they come. But if you’ve been to the beach in Sarasota, there’s just no going back to Galveston. So, when the opportunity presented itself, the decision to expand their roofing company into the (stunning) Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, area was not a difficult one. Now, in addition to our Bradenton-based team members, at least one of our founders is in Florida almost every week. And they love it!

With more than 17 years of experience roofing (and reroofing) homes and businesses and restoring communities following hurricanes, we know what we’re doing and we’re ready to help.

Why choose Indemnity Roofing in Bradenton and Sarasota FL

Okay, but do you check all the right boxes? Spoiler alert: Yes.

With Indemnity Roofing, you get…

Roofing company Bradenton and Sarasota Florida

Roofers located in Bradenton, Florida

Roof repair and replacement Bradenton and Sarasota Florida

Roof repair, roof replacement, or new construction

Best roof inspectors Bradenton FL

Roof inspection & insurance adjuster expertise

Roofing company with accurate estimates and transparent pricing

A crystal-clear estimate—in writing

Experienced roofers in Sarasota and Bradenton FL

17 years of roofing experience

Licensed and fully insured roofer in Sarasota and Bradenton FL

Licensed, fully insured roofers

Roofers who clean up their messes

Clean-up work our moms would love

Roofers with warrantied work and materials

Warrantied materials and workmanship

Bradenton and Sarasota roofing FAQ

Have some questions? We have some answers.

How does the process work?

It’s super simple (really). Here’s how it works:

  1. Get in touch and we’ll inspect your roof like it’s our own—for free.
  2. We’ll explain your roofing options and help you make the right choice for you. And thanks to our 3D modeling software, you’ll see your new roof before you decide!
  3. We’ll help you file your claim with your insurance company.
  4. We’ll meet your insurance adjuster to make sure he notes all of your roof damage.
  5. Then, we’ll install the roof you deserve and clean up in a way that would make our mothers proud.

Since 2005, we’ve been working to make roof repair and replacement not just tolerable, but enjoyable. That’s one of the reasons people say nice things about us.

How much will my roof cost?

As you would expect, there’s no way to answer that question without understanding your situation and goals. But here’s what we can tell you:

  • How much does roof repair cost? Once you meet your deductible, your insurance company should cover your remaining repair costs.
  • How much does roof replacement cost? If you choose roofing materials that are comparable to the ones we’re replacing, your insurance company should cover 100% of expenses that exceed your deductible. If you decide to upgrade, you may pay a bit more, but that depends on your insurance company. On that note, we have excellent financing options if you’re interested.
  • How much does it cost to roof a new construction? Because there’s no damage claim to file with a new construction roof, you’ll likely pay for it with funds from your construction loan, cash you’ve set aside, or a low-interest loan from one of our preferred lenders.

Will you help me file my insurance claim?

Yes. If you only file a roof claim once every 10-15 years, the process can be a time-sucking nightmare. But we deal with roof claims every day, so we’ll make filing your claim simple and straightforward—the way it should be.

Which residential roofing materials do you use?

Since we started roofing back in 2005, we have installed just about every kind of residential roofing material on the planet. Here are a few:

  • 3-tab asphalt shingles
  • Architectural shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Clay/Spanish tile
  • Slate roofing
  • Concrete tile
  • Wood shake shingles

Not sure which roofing material is right for you? No problem! We’ll talk you through the pros and cons of each. And with our 3D digital modeling software, you’ll see how they look on your home—before you make your decision!

Which commercial roofing materials do you use?

We have installed commercial roofing materials on everything from tiny strip malls to massive warehouses. Specifically, we have installed:

  • TPO
  • Elastomeric
  • Torch down modified bitumen
  • Self-adhered modified bitumen
  • SPF coatings
  • Fluid coatings
  • Metal roofing
  • Architectural shingles
  • Slate roofing
  • Concrete tile

“Self-adhered modified bitumen” not part of your vocabulary? We’ll make sure you understand your options so that you can make the right decision for your business.

Which roofing brands do you prefer

Roofing materials manufacturers tend to specialize in certain types of roofing. For asphalt shingles, we’re big fans of:

For roof tiles, Ludowici‘s elegance and durability are second to none.

And for wood shake and slate, there’s no beating DaVinci.